Memory keepers


In recent years, Pauline Barendse and Jan Matthesius specialize in Memory Keepers which are small objects to wear or to put down.

The need for hand urns, small mourning objects, mourning jewelry is growing. Figuring out these objects requires peace, space and time. The smallest details are important; from color to size, everything should be 100% correct.

In 2012 Pauline Barendse presented a small collection of hand urns in Palace Oranienbaum. They were presented in the mourning chamber of the Palace, like small pearls. For many visitors, this was the first time they came into contact with these items.

The mourning objects are made in consultation with you.  There are a lot of possibilities. In addition to different materials, choices can be made to process a piece of fabric, ashes of a human or animal, a note or a text in braille.

For more information, please contact Pauline Barendse;

+31 (0)182 38 56 29